last update  01/26/2010

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Equipment from

 our partner

  • all NAISH-boards of the actual season
  • fitted with  original NAISH Fins
  • complete with NAISH-sails of the actual season, ranging from 3.4  to 7.1 square metres
    • FORCE for the small sails
    • SPRINT for the large sized sails
    • all completely rigged and tuned
  • all rigged on carbon masts (FIRESTICK and FORMULA 750) from NAISH Sails
  • with optimal f2 -mastbases, ready to click onto all our boards
  • comfortable, bestgrip NAISH booms, for easy adjustment
  • equipped with adjustable loop-harness lines
  • ntegrated mast protectors are fitted onto all sails
  • sail sizes are available for you, regardless of your weight or the wind force
    • small sails available in steps of 0.25 square meters
    • large sails available in steps of 0.6 square meter
    • enough sails of each size are pre-rigged to ensure you can always get the sail of your choice

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